D. Internships

Welcome back, it's so amazing that "The Firsts" of CDAT have reached their Senior Year, and we've added some great folks along the way!

We need to get started right away.  Some of you (about half the class) will be interviewing with employers August 15.  That means practice, portfolios ready, etc.  In person, we will work on this together.  The goal is to have everyone working by the end of August.

Keep in mind that your internship is most likely not paid.  You are getting experience that is rare for someone in high school, and it will go on your college applications!

We will also begin talking more about entrepreneurship (common terms, patterns, things you need to know well), as well as some interpersonal skills you need to master.

So, assignment 1:  portfolios, 30-second speeches and good interview skills by August 15.  Some links to get you going: