E. Staff and Schedule

Who are your combined CDAT12 teachers, who will be collaborating to help you become cutting-edge learners and producers?

Your instructors:
  • Dr. Baggett for Social Studies - bbaggett@lanierhs.org    Room 731
  • Ms. Haddock for Language Arts -  bhaddock@lanierhs.org    Room 724
  • Mr. Reilly for Technology  - mreilly@lanierhs.org    Room *omnipresent*
Location: Second floor CDAT

Expectations:  The professional atmosphere of a creative company, with the requirements of school regulations.  This year is all about working in an internship.  You will develop real-world skills, learn how companies succeed, and apply core content to your career goals.  

Schedule: Your CDAT12 schedule looks like this:

Semester 1
Period 4 - Political Systems  --->  Economics/Language Arts (after September 6)
Period 5 - Language Arts     --->  Internship 
Period 6 - Internship           --->  Internship 

Students will learn Political Systems (4th pd) for 5 weeks and apply their learning to their Language Arts class (5th pd) and their internship (6th pd). Language Arts and Political Systems concepts will merge in the form of a summative research paper due by Labor Day.

After September 6, students will transition to Economics.  Language Arts will be blended with Economics so that students will have an alternating 4th period with one day with Dr. Baggett for Econ and the next day with Ms. Haddock for LA.  At this point first semester, students will have TWO period for their internship. 

Semester 2
Period 4 - Internship 
Period 5 - Internship 
Period 6 - Internship 

Assuming students have demonstrated mastery of Political Systems, Economics, and Language Arts, students will have THREE periods dedicated to their internship. So....WORK HARD first semester!!