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We start right out of the gate in CDAT, and this year is no exception!  By Friday, August 8, one of your groups will be chosen to represent the school in applying for a $5,000 grant!  Yup, 4 days to earn $5,000.   

This challenge is focused on the Lowe's Toolbox for Education grant.  Look around the site, there are samples of project and much more information. 

Please make note of the section with the bold, red title, regarding what they are looking for:
This year, as a foundation, we are challenging ourselves to seek ways to provide the tools that help our educators and parent groups through today's challenging times efficiently, while providing the greatest impact, with basic necessities taking priority.

What your team will need to accomplish:
  • Complete a sample grant application on a Google Doc.  Share the Doc with your team, and make the Shared settings "Lanier High School".
  • Create a team Google Site.  It should include the following:
  • Front page - list of team member names and any primary task they have, as well as a summary of your concept
  • Application page - Insert your Google Doc into this page so it can be seen on this page.  When you insert it, do not use any height, so the whole app fits
  • Graphics page - Your group should have graphics that show your concept.  They can be scanned hand-drawings, 3D models, whatever you need to show the project.  You should also have a map view of where your project will be located, whether inside or outside.
  • Costs page - you should have a clear list of the materials and other costs that your grant would pay for, with a grand total as well.
  • Your website Sharing should be set to "Public", and you will be given a Google Form for submitting that website to the teachers.

Finally, ONE of your team members should be ready to present a 30-second speech about your project on Friday, Aug. 8.
Students and teachers will vote for the project that would make the greatest impact in our community.