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Daily Assignments

9/9- Current Event

Read the article below and answer the following questions:

1) List 3 major issues discussed in the article? CITE specific examples

2) What are the repercussions of declaring war on Syria as discussed in the article.  CITE specific examples.

3) How do you think the US should rearrange our national budget? Where would you personally allocate funding? Answer in ONE paragraph.

4) Do you think it is responsible to declare war on Syria? Write your answer in ONE paragraph. 

9/12- Green Eggs and Economics
Economic principles are applicable in every facet of life, even in the stories of Dr. Seuss!

Your assignment: 
1) You will be assigned one Dr. Seuss story to read in your group

2) Using this website, www.econedlink.org/economic-resources/glossary.php identify 5 different economic principles mentioned or activated in your Dr. Seuss text. You can choose any 5 principles from the website as long as they are directly related to your book.

3) Complete the provided worksheet. Make sure your responses are detailed and accurate. 

4) This is a QUIZ grade. 

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