A. CDAT12 Concept

Times have changed dramatically for "workers" in the past decades.  After World War 2, people would get a job with a company for life, collect a gold watch and a pension at retirement, etc. (okay, not everybody, but you get the picture). 

Now, anyone with talent, drive and a good idea can be very successful at just about any age.  Take a look at the Instagram company:  they wanted an easy way to edit and share pictures, and sold out to Facebook for over $1 BILLION in less than a year.  Justin Bieber's rise was through YouTube self-promotion.  Who knows what is next?!  

What we do know is that Georgia has become a power in movies, TV, video games and engineering.  From Turner Studios to Lockheed Martin to HiRez Studios, digital creativity is a core necessity of our economy. That's our focal point for CDAT12:  Develop professional knowledge and skills via an internship.

Local entrepreneurs and creators will serve as mentors for CDAT12 students to help students achieve their career goals.